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Business Plan Writing Services

One of our specialties is assisting business owners with forecasting and business plan writing. Because of our extensive experience with banks, we know how to design business plans which meet their criteria and how to present it in a format that they can readily use in their approval process.

Our fee structure is designed in such a way that you can pick and choose what you would like us to do, thus minimizing your expense. For example, you may decide to do the written parts of the plan and leave the numbers crunching to us. In any case, whatever you decide, we will work closely with you to fine-tune the results, ensuring that the final report is yours, not ours.

Fee Schedule:

Basic Operating Projections                $950

Includes year one operating results month-by-month and two additional years; the report will include a project summary, all assumptions used to generate the results, amortization schedules for all loans, and a pro-forma balance sheet and income statement.

Five Year Operating Projections   add $250

Most banks require only three years, so don't buy this unless you need to, or believe it will be meaningful to you.

Cash Flow Projections                  add $250

If your business is mostly cash or credit card, you don't need this; if your business involves accounts receivable, you really do!

Break-Even Analysis                     add $250

Many banks do their own break-even analysis, but you may want to have this information for your own benefit.

Full Summary Narrative                 add $950

You can do this yourself and save the money, or we can write the narrative part for you. If you want us to help, we can, and will need to spend some time with you in order to know your background and expertise, how you intend to operate and how you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our final report eliminates all the "fluff" and focuses squarely on information the banks find relevant.

Research                              add up to $1,250

While you are evaluating locations for your business, gather as much information as you can; not only will this help you decide on one location over another, it will save you money! Pertainent information includes area demographic reports (census data and projections from the local economic development specialists), traffic counts on the streets and in area retail centers (from the real estate brokers and developers), and area competition.

Revisions                                     as needed

It is not unusual for there to be minor changes needed, and most of these will be free. If there is a major revision, for example, the project changes from a real estate project to a leasehold, we will make changes needed at a very fair price.

We'll help save you money and time!

As you can see, our fee schedule is designed

to give you flexibility, ensuring that you don't

pay for services you don't require.


Our typical Business Plan averages $2,500


It is not unusual to see similar

plans cost as much as $5,000.


Sample Cash Flow Projection